Using and Contributing to OpenModes


OpenModes is distributed under the GPLv3 license, which is included in the file LICENSE.txt. In practice this means that anyone is free to use and modify this software to solve their own problems, but it effectively cannot be used in any commercial product, as any modified version still carries the GPL license.

Modifications and Contributions

If you modify this software, there is no legal obligation to share your modifications with anyone. However, any improvements made would be gratefully received, to enable all other users to benefit. The most effective way to do this is to create a fork of the project on GitHub, and submit a pull request. See GitHub for an explanation of these terms.


If you have a question about using or installing this software, or you think you have found a bug, then please search through the project’s GitHub Issue Tracker to see if any other users have had similar problems. If not, please raise a new issue. I will endeavour to answer all questions when I can spare the time, but this will be assisted if you make your question as clear as possible, and explain in detail how to reproduce any problem you are having.


It is expected that the major users of this software would be researchers in an academic environment. The following papers describe the scientific methods used in the code, and would most likey be relevant citations for any academic work which uses it: