To quickly view output of examples online, click here.

There are several example files which can be opened using the Jupyter (IPython) notebook, an interactive web-based frontend to python which you will have installed if you followed the Installation Instructions.

Running Examples

To run the examples yourself

  1. Ensure that you have successfully installed OpenModes as per the Installation Instructions.
  2. Download the zip file with all the examples and unzip them into a folder.
  3. Open the IPython notebook. If you have installed python using the Anaconda distribution (the recommended way, especially on Windows), then the notebook should be available from the Launcher. Otherwise, open a command prompt and run ipython notebook
  4. From the notebook file browser, navigate to the folder containing the examples and open one of the example notebooks
  5. To re-run the whole example from the menu bar by select Cell->Run All. You should try modifying the examples with different parameters, and you only need to run cells again if you have changed something.